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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fifi the Poodle

Hello, everyone!

The project I've been working on non stop has been Fifi the Poodle! She is
the Pomp-a-Poodle pattern found on I completed her in just two days! To my surprise, she is 13 inches tall! This is my first project working with Red Heart's Pomp-a-Doodle yarn. It is irresistibly fluffy and soft to the touch. One of my favorite features on Fifi is her blushed cheeks. It adds character and that dash of sweetness! I am also fond of her bow. It completes that French-puppy look and is so adorable!

The pattern stated that the difficulty level was intermediate. To me, it didn't really seem that way. However, it was time-consuming and required an awful lot of patience (a characteristic that I seem to lack), but it was worth it and it was so fun! The pattern also didn't require much sewing of body parts, so that was great! So for all you beginner crocheters out there, I believe you can take this project on! Blessings to you all and have fun with this!